HCI - Casinos Comps

How can you get the most from your casinos comps

Contact your Independent Casino Host

HCI is the independent casino host that puts your comps to work for you. Unlike traditional casino hosts that only work on property, an independent casino host can connect you to many properties. HCI can can put your comps to work anywhere within our worldwide network.  

Here, you can choose from both international and domestic casino properties and one of our casino hosts will get you the most VIP experience available. When you select a city, choose a property to fill out a firm that will be sent directly to a casino host who will contact  you. 

United States

In the United States, Host Connections International rewards you with the best comps and rates possible at properties in Atlantic City, Colorado, St. Charles, Kansas City, New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Lake Charles, Las Vegas, Lake Tahoe, Reno and San Diego.


Take your casino comps and put them to work for you overseas at casinos across the world in Puetro Rico, Dominican Republic, Aruba and on Royal Carribean International and Norwegian Cruise Line.