What are casino comps?

Who doesn't like free offers. Comps are just that, complimentary services and promotions offered by a casino.

If you’ve gone to a casino and signed up for a players card, there is a good chance you’ve already received a comp or a casino promotion in the mail. It could be for free parking, a complementary meal, a comped room or comped show tickets.

These casino promotions are given out to encourage play and are delivered by direct mail, via a kiosk inside the casino or distributed by a casino host.

How do I qualify for casino comps?

Qualifying for casino comps isn't an inside secret - anyone can gather up their comps and cash them in for free room offers, meals and more.

The way to get your first comp at most casinos is is to sign up for a players card at the casino you’re playing. This card will track your comps as your play and will you will also present this at various times during your experience to enter a players lounge or receive complimentary parking. 

The way to receive comps is to use your card every time you play. Slot machines will have a slot to insert your player's card into the machine. At table games, present your player's card to the dealer at the table where you’re playing. You’ll accumulate comps based on what type of game you play, how much you bet, how long you play and how frequently you visit the casino.

To check to see the comps you've accumulated, many casinos have kiosks. Some casinos also allow you to check comps online. Your casino host will tell you the best way to use your comps and can suggest how to qualify for particular comps.