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Led by Bob Ferretti, former Senior Vice President of Player Development for the Trump Organization, Host Connections International is a casino host service that matches players with casinos to provide the best gaming experience possible during their stay on property.

“After spending most of my adult life accommodating players according to casino guidelines, it became obvious to me that the majority of casino employees were limited in what and who they could comp, as well as lacking a genuine sense of urgency and compassion when presented with a player’s request,” said Ferretti.

“The difference between HCI and the casino employee, is that the employee represents the casino, must stay within a certain guideline, and has limited resources when trying to accommodate the player, whereas, HCI represents the player, accommodating the casino, has a wider range of guidelines, and resources are more diverse,” Ferretti said. “HCI can and will go to extremes, checking all variables in order to get the comp. “You just can’t get that kind of attention from a kiosk machine."

Perks We Offer

What makes us so different is we cultivate the relationship between players and casino hosts to make it possible for you to get the most during your stay. We strive to exceed your expectations by giving you one-on-one attention with a casino host. As a casino hosting service, we can reach into our diverse pool of resources across the globe.

We are a casino host that works for multiple properties so we can be your connection inside nearly any casino in the world. We go above and beyond traditional casino hosts to work on your behalf to ensure you get what you need during your stay.

We're a casino host that will get you what you need; whether it is travel accommodations, negotiated comps, dining or entertainment offers.

We aren't casino hosts that are just trying to bring you in, we want to take you where you want to go.

Call us today to get connected with Host Connections International - the casino host that works for you.

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